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Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Coffee Pods

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Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Coffee Pods

Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Coffee Pods 

There are billions of non-recyclable coffee pods in our landfills. But with reusable coffee pods, you can change that one cup of coffee at a time.

The Happy House StoreSUSTAINABILITY: Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Coffee Pods are a sustainable solution to your busy mornings.

The Happy House StoreEASY TO USE: Simply fill a Reusable Lavazza Modo Mio Coffee pod with your favourite coffee grounds, use the tamper provided and insert it into your coffee machine.
The Happy House StoreCOMPATIBILITY: These Reusable Coffee Pods are compatible with the Lavazza Modo Mio coffee machines: Lavazza Modio Mio Jolie, Modo Mia Idola & Modio Mio LM3100 ESPRIA Machines only. Check chart below for images. These capsules are currently not compatible with the Smeg, Fantasia, Minu, Tiny or Desea Models.

The Happy House StoreREUSABLE: When you're done, clean your Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Pod with warm water and eco-friendly soap. Then compost your used coffee grounds for a greener planet.

Refillable Coffee Pods -with Tamper

Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Pod

Reusable Lavazza Coffee Pod

Reusable Lavazza Coffee Pod

Reusable Lavazza Coffee Pod


Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Pod

The Happy House StoreFEATURES:
1) Reusable and Sustainable - Each capsule can be used again and again.
2) Use your favourite ground coffee or ground coffee beans.
3) Lower your coffee costs - Each capsule works out at around 2p per use.
4) Made from 100% Safe BPA Recycled Material
Note: Check compatibility list and do not use force to close the lid if unsure.

Reusable Lavazza Coffee Pod
Reusable Lavazza Coffee Pod

Refillable Lavazza Modo Mio Pod

Compatible Models: Lavazza Modo Mio Machines: Modio Mio Jolie, Modo Mia Idola & Modio Mio LM3100 ESPRIA

NOT COMPATIBLE with: Smeg, Fantasia, Minu & Tiny or Desea Models

Package Includes : 1x / 2x Refillable Coffee Pods + Tamper

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Reusable Lavazza Coffee Capsules.
If your coffee pod doesn't fit your Modo Mio coffee machine, simply contact us. We'll give you a full refund.

Check machine warranty to ensure reusable pods are permitted in your machines. 

Read our Shipping Policy for up to date Delivery information. 


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Rest of Europe

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Australia & New Zealand

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United States & Canada

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We offer a money-back guarantee as we are so confident you'll love our product!
Package Includes: Set of Reusable Coffee Pods

You can track the status of your order from the Track your Order page under FAQ's 

Lavazza® and A Modo Mio® are registered trademarks that are not linked in anyway to The Happy House Store™, we are merely using their name to indicate compatibility with these capsules.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Stephen T
Trial & Error

Took a while to get the right coffee and grind mix but now have a nice coffee at home. I did try in a family member’s Desea model and didn’t work at all so be warned, check compatibility as they are not for all machines.

Produces dirty water, no coffee

It doesn't work. There are not enough holes in it for the coffee to filter through. It just comes out as a brown watery liquid. Not coffee at all. The plastic pods, after use, are pierced front and back when put into the machine. Plenty for the coffee to filter through. This refillable metal pod only has very small holes on the front, and none at the back. Just come out as brown water.

Work perfectly!

Takes a little trial and error to get the right strength coffee but saves a lot on £££

Trace Tillman


Dagmar Ebert

very good



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